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The People behind the JetScan engine


Thomas Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert CEO of Neterium
Thomas has been involved in screening projects since 2001 when this market emerged. His first contribution was the design and development of the Safewatch solution for SIDE International, which quickly became a global success, with 200 customers in 50 countries. In 2008, he joined a startup and brought new ideas to their case management solution by integrating innovative correlation algorithms and a new screening module, designed to cope with the emergence of large PEP lists. After the acquisition by Fircosoft, Thomas became a senior member of the global architecture team, sharing his expertise on mission-critical scalable systems to guide development teams throughout the company.
As a technology enthusiast and passionate in screening technologies, he's always keen to innovate in this area and decided to found Neterium in response to the explosion of market demand for highly performant, scalable and efficient screening, mainly driven by Fintechs having to fulfill KYC obligations.

Pascal Aerens

Thomas Gilbert CEO of Neterium
Pascal is a business technologist active in finance and banking since 1990. With 15 years of experience in regulatory compliance, he is recognized as a global expert in this field and has been a speaker at many industry events worldwide.
Pascal has first been working for SWIFT and Euronext, then designed a very successful compliance suite that was implemented globally at major banks for SIDE international. In 2008, he founded a startup focusing on investigative case management, that was acquired by Fircosoft, a leading Compliance solution provider, in 2012. After this, Pascal joined the Fircosoft leadership team, and was instrumental in securing deals with Tier1 banks worldwide as well as attract major Fintech clients in Luxembourg.
After Fircosoft was acquired by RELX Group in 2014, he was in charge of the Product Innovation team and has led new initiatives using Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Jean Losco

Thomas Gilbert CEO of Neterium
A seasoned entrepreneur and engineer, Jean graduated from ESIEA Paris in 1989 and co-founded FircoSoft in 1994. Passionate about artificial intelligence, he is the main creator of a software allowing banks to filter their data to comply with international regulations to fight money laundering and terrorism financing. The shock of September 11, 2001, together with the evolution of financial regulations and the transition from banking secrecy to compliance, allowed FircoSoft to become a market leader established on five continents.
In 2014, after over twenty years at the helm of the FircoSoft Group, and the acquisition of the company, Jean left his role as CEO and started a new story, founding the JMYX HOLDING family office, investing in companies, mainly in the FinTech sector, and also mentoring and sharing his experience.

“I selected Neterium as I believe banks are moving to the API economy and the market is ready to welcome a cloud solution for KYC including the most recent Machine Learning technology. With an experienced team and the right timing, I'm expecting Neterium to develop on a fast track in the coming years”.

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