Introducing JETSCAN

Watchlist Screening service.

JETSCAN features


  • Integrate quickly

    Adding AML/KYC functions to digital platforms used to be a very complex and disruptive process, involving months of painful integration, often ending up spending huge resources for a process that brings no value beyond protection. Our standard REST API is frictionless and transparent: you can access every feature from it, and start testing within hours.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    JetScan is leveraging the elastic capacity of the cloud: wether you need to screen 100 relationships or 100 million, the service’s performance grows linearly and automatically to adapt, allowing you to provide a reliable service with a predictable pricing. You can safely adhere to your SLA, leave it to us to deliver the required throughput.

  • Customized Scoring

    Each organisation has different ways to approach risk, and there can be many groups of customers to onboard and monitor, each requiring a different risk evaluation. JetScan stores all your risk scoring formulas, and applies the right score, instantly and transparently, for each individual relationship, during onboading or when performing periodic checks.

  • Holistic Matching

    Instead of just matching on the name and produce false positives that have to be later reduced and reviewed, JetScan matches records and watchlists on every data point you provide, and provides real-time entity resolution. This not only increases efficiency but also considerably reduces the analyst’s workload.

  • Augmented by AI

    Efficiency is key in watchlist screening: the system should only alert on hits that have to be investigated. Jetscan combines machine learning with rules and geolocation to reduce false positives to a level never achieved before. Fewer alerts means better quality, lower costs, and no interruption in the onboarding process, keeping compliance fast and transparent.

  • Predictive Guidance

    During the screening process, JetScan evaluates each record and simulates possible outcomes. Dashboards and reports demonstrate exactly how the result quality would improve with additional data points, or better data quality. This creates a quality feedback loop based on objective metrics and predictable outcomes, allowing you to build a business case.

  • Time Machine

    JetScan retains every single change in watchlist, parameters or rules. This allows you to request at any time to restore an engine core with the exact context of any given day, even years later. Once the state is restored, data sets screened will produce results identical to ones of the selected day, providing definitive proof and reports to comply with regulators’ demands.

  • Explain

    One of the biggest headaches of compliance officers is to explain and demonstrate to regulators that they do the things right. The EXPLAIN function produces a detailed report showing exactly how the JetScan engine analysed a specific record, what decisions it took along the way, and why it led to a potential match or not.

Focus on your business, not on screening


for KYC/AML Solutions

AML and KYC solutions have the goal to create a single view of the customer. As part of this view, customers must be assessed to determine their risk level for the organization. The key element to determine this risk is to screen the customer against sanctions and regulatory watchlists to make sure the organization can accept or keep the customer, and if how they will be monitored during the relationship. Screening is thus a key function, and delegating it to our highly efficient service ensures it is done in time and with a low level of alerts, resulting in an optimal usage of resources, improved SLAs and lowered costs.

for Onboarding Solutions

Onboarding solutions, often based upon a mobile app, are built on the promise to deliver nearly instant onboarding for internet platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, ICOs… allowing the customer to be accepted and start transacting with a platform within minutes. Platform using these solutions give an extreme importance to the SLA they provide to their customers: the onboarding experience can be broken by low quality screening producing false alerts (legally having to be manually investigated). It is therefore key for these solutions to be able to rely on a fast and effective screening partner.

for Digital Platforms

Platforms often prefer to remain in control of the end-to-end customer experience, and therefore want to integrate a screening function directly into their processes. Jetscan provides them with a standard and simple API, allowing to transparently and efficiently manage screening, risk scoring, adapt configuration, and connect their workflow with our APIs to implement integrated alert review procedures. The JetScan APIs also allow them to access the advanced history and analytics features to provide platform management teams with customized reports and dashboards.