Neterium SRL


Neterium provides superior technology to accelerate your innovation: easily and quickly integrate state of the art watchlist screening capability in your solutions


Neterium is a visionary API-native company that is reinventing financial crime prevention. Our innovative SaaS solutions combine the benefits of the latest technologies (e.g., Parallel Computing, Machine Learning) with in-depth financial crime compliance knowledge.

Our unique offer enables our partners and clients to build best in class solutions by quickly integrating our watchlist screening APIs.


We concentrate exclusively on screening technology, with all our resources and expertise focused on solving the challenges of this domain. We aim to wrap the complexities of identity matching, extreme scalability and high efficiency into a simple, easy to consume service. It can be easily integrated through standardised APIs in a matter of days to add the screening capability to any solution or environment.


Our approach is to be embedded in our clients’ and partners’ solutions and ecosystems. Therefore we only provide our screening capability through an API. We partner with other vendors of the FCC market (e.g., data providers, KYC Platforms, Identity Solutions) to offer our clients the greatest flexibility in selecting the most appropriate components to build the best-of-breed solution for their needs.


The Neterium team is composed of experts having a unique experience in financial crime compliance technology. Over a period of 20 years, the engine powering our solutions is the 4th screening engine developed and marketed by our team.


  • Luc Meurant - CEO

    Luc Meurant

    Luc has 25 years of experience and a proven track record of innovation and community leadership in the payments and Financial Crime Compliance areas. He led the development and global roll-out of many award-winning technology solutions.

    He is a seasoned public speaker and held numerous senior leadership roles at SWIFT, McKinsey and JPMorgan.

  • Thomas Gilbert - TECHNOLOGY

    Thomas Gilbert

    Thomas is responsible for Neterium’s IT and Operations activities.

    Thomas founded Neterium in 2017. He has been involved in screening since 2001 first at SIDE, creating SafeWatch then designing new algorithms for matching and correlation at Telovia. At Fircosoft, he shared his expertise in mission-critical scalable systems and built new screening products. He has a unique experience in developing screening solutions.

  • Florence Vicentini - SALES & PARTNERSHIPS

    Florence Vicentini

    Florence is responsible for Neterium’s sales and marketing activities.

    Florence has 20 years of experience in the Financial Crime Compliance domain. She has managed channel sales and alliances globally for more than 25 years, working with partners all over the world. Prior to joining Neterium, she held senior leadership roles in Europe, Asia and in the United States.

  • Pascal Aerens - PRODUCTS

    Pascal Aerens

    Pascal runs Neterium’s product management activities.

    Pascal co-founded Neterium. He is a business technologist with more than 15 years of experience in Financial Crime Compliance. He is recognized as an authority in this field and is a regular speaker at industry events worldwide. Pascal has been closely involved in the development of four screening solutions since 2003, giving him unique experience and market knowledge.

  • Kristina Haag - USER SUCCESS

    Kristina Haag

    Kristina is responsible for all user interactions with Neterium.

    Kristina has over 15 years of experience in screening, both from the technical and product side. She is passionate about the combination of data, linguistics and technology. Her goal is to enable and empower technical users to master the Neterium API efficiently and continuously gain maturity and autonomy.


    Kevin Kok

    Kevin is in charge of Neterium’s infrastructure operations and security.

    Kevin has enormous experience as a cloud and DevOps engineer, with years of practice in mission-critical infrastructures. At Neterium, Kevin is responsible to keep services running with the highest levels of quality and availability. He is also CISO, handling all security aspects and the ISO27001 compliance process.