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Quickly and easily add watchlist screening to your platform and processes


Neterium offers Software as a Service watchlist screening solutions, designed to be easily integrated in our clients’ and partners’ platforms through standardized REST APIs.

We believe our solutions are truly unique in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and scalability. They are built on the latest technologies, combined with our in-depth knowledge of Financial Crime Compliance.

Although we are using AI extensively in our solutions, they are not black boxes and are providing explainability of detections, allowing to fully support regulatory review and clarify past decisions.


Jetscan is a simple, scalable and efficient screening API designed to facilitate KYC processes by verifying counterparties for ongoing monitoring and real-time customer onboarding. Jetscan uses a standard REST API that integrates with your onboarding and verification processes in a matter of days. The screening services behind the API can scale automatically and handle very large peak demand, with no impact on performance or SLA.

Even as it processes thousands of requests per second, our solution provides unprecedented levels of efficiency, with extremely low false positive rates, without any configuration or tuning.

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Jetflow is a performant and efficient screening API designed to process financial transactions in real-time. Jetflow is fully ISO20022 compatible through its standard REST API. Using industry standards allows to integrate with your operational systems or payment platforms in a matter of days. Jetflow scales automatically to handle thousands of transactions per second, allowing you to hold your SLAs. Thanks to our advanced matching engine, the solution provides unprecedented levels of efficiency, with extremely low false positive rates, without long configuration and tuning processes.

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Adding sanction or counterparty screening functions to digital platforms used to be a very complex and disruptive process, involving months of painful integration, often ending up spending huge resources for a process that brings limited value. Our standard REST API is frictionless and transparent: you can start testing within hours and integrate in days, not months.


Instead of just matching on the name and produce false positives that have to be later reduced and reviewed, the Neterium engine matches records and watchlists on every data point you supply, and provides real-time entity resolution. This greatly increases efficiency and reduces the analyst’s workload by returning only meaningful alerts to investigate.


Our APIs are leveraging the elastic capacity of the cloud: whether you need to screen 100 relationships or 10 million transactions, the service’s performance grows linearly and automatically to adapt, allowing you to provide a reliable service. You can safely adhere to your SLA, leave it to us to deliver the required throughput.


One of the biggest challenges for compliance officers is to demonstrate to auditors and regulators that they do the things right and their detection process is effective. The unique EXPLAIN function produces a detailed report showing exactly how the screening engine analyzed a specific record, what decisions it took along the way, and why it led to a potential match or not.


Analytics are key for our clients and partners to manage and optimize their screening process. Our solutions capture and return a complete set of dynamic and historical metrics with each API response. Dashboards and reports display details and trends on data and results quality This creates a quality feedback loop based on objective metrics and measurable outcomes, allowing you to make the right decisions.


As sanctions and risk controls become more complex, and different businesses or regions have different regulations to adhere to, it is critical for screening to be multi-tenant, allowing one solution to centrally process records or transactions on behalf of different organizations, participants, or subsidiaries. The Neterium APIs support an extreme level of multi-tenancy, allowing each request to have different configurations, policies, lists and options. Even at 100.000 requests/second, each request can be individually configured to specific regulations, businesses and regions.


Efficiency is key in watchlist screening: the system should only alert on hits that have to be investigated. Our APIs combine Machine Learning with rules and geolocation to reduce false positives to a level never achieved before. Fewer alerts means better quality, lower costs, and no friction or interruption in your operational processes, keeping compliance fast and transparent.


In addition to the matching score, the Neterium APIs compute additional priority scores for each hit, based on analytics gathered from reference data and statistics. These priority scores allow applications and platforms to present hits sorted by relevance and highlight which alerts should be processed first.


Our solutions do not store Personally identifiable information provided for screening, ever. That way, platforms can be absolutely sure they do not expose their customers private information by calling our APIs. This is particularly important in regions where strong privacy regulations (such as GDPR) apply.


Neterium APIs are designed with the latest technologies and are based on industry standards delivering the best possible developer experience.

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