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Regulatory pressure is stronger than ever on platforms, requiring strict KYC/AML policies. Discover how our API allows to easily add the capability to screen counterparties or transactions to your solution in a matter of days.

APIs are fuel powering the customer-driven platform revolution

Screening in the age of Digital Platforms


To understand the genesis of Neterium, it is important to realize how strongly Sanctions, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money laundering (AML) compliance have become interwoven into every customer-related transaction. With the trend of digital transformation, this interlinking expanded gradually from regulated entities to any digital business. As the global economy moved online, so did the counterparty relations and payment flows, with their associated risks and regulatory obligations.

With the advent of the API economy, digital platforms rely on many different service providers, each offering a very specific expertise, exposed in the Cloud, through a standardized interface.

Our solutions are based on a next-generation screening engine, designed from the start to operate in this API economy, providing a fast, scalable and effective service to digital platforms, or allowing solution providers to provide a screening capability as an add-on to their service.

Customers of digital platforms understand the importance of a rigorous compliance process, but they want their experience to be frictionless, expect to be accepted instantly, and be able to transact without hindrance. This requires the underlying screening process to be not only performant but also very efficient, with an extremely low false positive (false detection) rate, as every alert has to be manually reviewed and breaks the promise of instant fulfilment.

The Neterium engine includes unique detection strategies: machine-learning classifiers, holistic matching, dynamic risk scoring, and geolocation are just a few examples of techniques it is applying in real time to deliver unparalleled levels of performance and efficiency.