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Neterium is thrilled to announce that it is further expanding the sanctions data made available through its sanctions screening API.

Neterium is now collaborating with Swift, the global leader in secure financial messaging services, by making Swift's Sanctions Lists Distribution service available through the Neterium APIs.

This collaboration marks yet another significant step in our commitment to providing cutting-edge...

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Neterium is very proud to announce that Erste Group, the leading financial service provider in the eastern part of the EU which serves more than 16 million customers in over 2,000 branches in 7 countries, is starting a large-scale integration pilot of Neterium’s Jetflow transaction screening solution.

Jetflow is an API-based, real-time and infinitely scalable transaction screening solution that sets a...

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Lucinity and Neterium Partner to Provide Real-Time Transaction and Counterparty Screening through Lucinity’s FinCrime Prevention Software Powering Comprehensive Customer Insights through the Luci Copilot

London, United Kingdom, June 29, 2023 - Lucinity and Neterium have announced a partnership to integrate real-time transaction and counterparty screening capabilities within Lucinity's platform, marking a new era in compliance technology.

The announcement follows Lucinity's recent launch of...

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