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Neterium Talks: Mastering Financial Crime Compliance in the Digital Age

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Neterium Talks, a captivating ​webinar ​series that delves into the latest hot topics in Financial Crime Compliance. In just 25 minutes, we provide a comprehensive overview of these subjects, followed by an in-depth discussion and an open Q&A session for valuable exchange and dialogue.

Past Webinars

Episode 8: Model Validation
a8b663b3-2eb3-4295-9f73-3e47ec9a61df.pngEpisode 8: Model Validation

Join us for our next episode of Neterium Talks on November 23rd, where we'll be delving into the fascinating topic of Model Validation with Pascal Aerens, CPO at Neterium and Maxime Westphal, Full Stack Developer at Neterium.

To measure the performance and quality of the model in the light of our users' risk policies, Neterium has also developed a unique Model Validation tool. It relies on "predictive accuracy" to measure how close the model's predictions will be to what happens. A simple user interface allows uploading a data file, then provides a visual overview and comparison of multiple runs with different configurations and allows review of all test cases and scenarios in detail, highlighting conflicting or inconsistent expectations to suggest a new configuration for another run.

As always, we'll start with a quick overview of key updates in the space by Christopher Stringham, followed by a deep dive into a specific subject. The session will end with an open Q&A, where we can exchange ideas and discuss your thoughts.

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Episode 7: The future of sanctions screening is in the cloud
29e7f532-9780-42f8-95b5-5d49cb35727a.pngEpisode 7:  The future of sanctions screening is in the cloud

Join us for our next episode of Neterium Talks on November 9th, where we'll be delving into the fascinating topic of sanctions screening in the cloud with Pascal Aerens, CPO at Neterium. "Going Cloud" is the next frontier in the world of compliance and risk management, and sanctions screening is both the most exciting but also the most challenging aspect of this transition. Pascal Aerens, the CPO of Neterium, will deep dive in this webinar on how moving sanctions screening in the cloud offers greater scalability, real-time updates, and enhanced data analytics, enabling your organisation to stay compliant with evolving regulations and global sanctions lists. Neterium's leadership in this field is helping businesses navigate the complex world of sanctions, ensuring they can process financial transactions with confidence and security.

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Episode 6: AI in transaction screening
80644457-6847-4264-9812-605f467ba028.pngEpisode 6: AI in transaction screening

Join us for our next episode of Neterium Talks on October 26th, where we'll be delving into the fascinating topic of AI in transaction screening with Pascal Aerens, CPO at Neterium. Pascal, who is leading Neterium's products development, will explain how Natural Language Processing (NLP) models can be used to screen financial transactions in real-time, why Neterium had to develop their own models instead of reusing pre-trained models. He will also detail the challenges of training models considering the "zero footprint" of Neterium where we don't store any private data.


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Episode 5 : Sanctions screening for instant payments
1873b129-105a-416e-944c-7c265722be33.pngEpisode 5 : Sanctions screening for instant payments

Join us for our next episode of Neterium Talks on October 12th, where we'll be delving into the fascinating topic of sanctions screening for instant payments, with Christopher Stringham Global Account Manager, Neterium.

While consumers and businesses directly benefit from instant payments, it also comes with significant challenges for #financial #crime #complianceteams in terms of how to handle the related sanctions screening aspects. These include deciding which of these instant payments should be screened (based on each bank's specific context, risk appetite and policies) and implementing the appropriate #technology solution to efficiently process the expected large #volumes within the very limited time allowed.

Save the Date: Thursday, October 12th @4:00 PM CET

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Episode 4 : Geolocation
b6c2ced1-f538-4827-906b-5d44001cf49e.pngEpisode 4 : Geolocation

👋 Join us for the upcoming fourth episode of Neterium Talks on September 7th, where we'll be delving into the fascinating topic of Geolocation.

🚀 Efficiency is paramount in watchlist screening, and Neterium's exclusive Geolocation features take it to the next level. Our solution combines Machine Learning with rules and Geolocation to drastically reduce false positives, ensuring that alerts are only triggered when they warrant investigation.

Fewer alerts translate to better quality, lower costs, and a seamless operational process. Say goodbye to friction and interruptions in your compliance workflow!

📅 Save the Date: 🗓️ Thursday, September 7th ⏰ 4:00 PM CET

Pascal Aerens, our Head of Products at Neterium, will guide you on this deep dive into our unique Geolocation features.

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Episode 3 : Full Explainability
37febe9f-8c93-4b7a-81d7-771f9b6d6838.pngEpisode 3 : Full Explainability

Mark your calendars for our third episode of Neterium Talks on August 24th.

🕒 Join us for our exciting bi-weekly webinar, where we dive into all the FCC hot topics in just 25 minutes!

🗓️ Date: Thursday, August 24th ⏰ Time: 4:00 PM CET

🎙️ This week's episode is about Explainability and how it gives a superpower to Compliance Officers, as they must demonstrate to regulators and supervisors that they deeply understand their detection process.

The unique Explain function in the Neterium API produces a detailed trace showing exactly how the screening engine analysed a specific request and what decisions it took along the way, leading (or not) to a match.

Pascal Aerens, Head of Products at Neterium, will deep dive into this unique feature.

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Episide 2: Screening At Scale
edf21337-17be-4492-8ab9-54670a43e670.pngEpiside 2: Screening At Scale

📣 Save the Date! Join us for the highly anticipated second episode of Neterium Talks next 10 August.

🎯 In this insightful 25-minute webinar, we'll be delving into the latest Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Landscape news and focusing on concrete FCC topics.

🗓️ Date: Thursday, 10 August ⏰ Time: 4:00 PM CET

Our second session will revolve around "Screening at scale", a crucial topic in the ever-changing financial industry.

🎙️ Pascal Aerens, Head of Products at Neterium, will be your guide, sharing insights into the challenges regulated financial entities face, including #performance, #efficiency, and #cost.

Furthermore, he'll also shed light on how cutting-edge technology can effectively tackle these challenges.

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Episode 1: Objective Zero Footprint
3dc4779b-9fb0-4e80-9d12-5b8175b8b6c5.pngEpisode 1: Objective Zero Footprint

In 25 minutes, we offer an overview of all the FCC's hot topics in a jiffy, followed by a focus on an in-depth subject and an open Q&A for exchange and discussion.

  1. First topic for this first episode: Objective Zero Footprint: a conversation between Pascal Aerens, Chief Product Officer at Neterium and Christopher Stringham, Global Account Manager at Neterium.
  2. The Pitch: Neterium's solutions do not ever store personally identifiable information provided for screening. This guarantees that when users utilise Neterium's APIs, their customers' private information remains secure. A critical consideration, particularly in regions where stringent privacy regulations like GDPR are enforced.

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