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Jetflow, an infinitely scalable transaction screening API


For any entity handling payments or other financial transactions, sanction screening is vital to fulfil their compliance obligations. As customers of financial services providers and platforms expect their financial transactions to be processed and confirmed instantly, it is critical for screening to be frictionless, combining certainty of detection with immediate response.

With innovation in Fintech leading to so many new use cases, it is more important than ever for digital platforms to rely on a solution that perfectly integrates into their operations.

Thanks to Jetflow, any platform or application can integrate sanction screening, in real-time, and quickly benefit from protection, without having to go through a long, risky and costly implementation. The Jetflow API is based on the future-proof ISO20022 standard, so it can handle future Fintech use cases. However, as we recognize current financial transactions are not always well structured, Jetflow can also efficiently handle unstructured transactions.

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In transaction screening, response time is critical. With the growing expectation for payments, transfers and decisions to be immediate, platforms must provide a fast and frictionless experience. Jetflow is designed to combine certainty and quality of detection with an instant response.


With Fintech innovation leading to so many new usages, it is key to rely on a screening service that can deal with this diversity in real-time. Jetflow can use a completely different configuration for every single transaction and instantly adapt to new flows. This allows platforms and applications to build on this flexibility to efficiently support current and future use cases.


One of the biggest challenges for compliance officers is to demonstrate to auditors and regulators that they do the things right and their detection process is effective. The unique EXPLAIN function produces a detailed report showing exactly how the Jetflow engine analyzed a specific transaction, what decisions it took along the way, and why it led to a potential match or not.

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Financial services providers such as Fintechs, Payment Services and Banks are strongly regulated, and sanction screening is an obligation. Growing demand for fast services such as instant payments, combined with regulatory pressure to screen all types of transactions require next generation compliance services. The Jetflow API has been designed to address these challenges, by delivering extreme performance without compromising on detection quality, while directly integrating with operational systems for better efficiency.


With pressure mounting on ethics from the public and new regulations appearing, there is a growing demand from banks and corporates to include sanction screening directly into the solutions they use, and vendors of applications such as core banking, CRM or Treasury Management took notice. For these vendors, using an API to integrate a non-core feature is the ideal route as it drastically reduces the integration risk while accelerating the time to market. Neterium's partner-oriented business model allows vendors to quickly turn screening into a profitable added-value feature in their applications.


Digital platforms often prefer to remain in control of the end-to-end customer experience, and therefore want to integrate the transaction screening function directly into their solutions. Jetflow provides them with a standard and simple API, allowing to transparently and efficiently manage screening, risk scoring, adapt configuration, and connect their workflow with the APIs to implement integrated alert review procedures. Advanced analytics and metrics are available both through the API and the Neterium dashboard.