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Banking on the cloud, a paradigm shift for financial crime compliance

In this white paper, our Neterium experts explore the benefits of using SaaS solutions for sanctions screening, while also offering ways to address the potential related risks.

The financial sector is witnessing a definitive trend towards adopting Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in the cloud. This shift is crucial for combating financial crime and delivering first-class services. However, the criticality of the service provided and the sensitive nature of customer data exchanged request a cautious transition and careful provider selection.

Our white paper "BANKING ON THE CLOUD, A PARADIGM SHIFT FOR FINANCIAL CRIME COMPLIANCE" explores how embracing SaaS in the public cloud is essential for ensuring competitiveness and excellence in financial crime compliance.

Neterium has developed several cloud-based services, accessible through a standard API, allowing our clients and partners to achieve excellence in compliance while delivering impeccable service to their customers.

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