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#BehindTheInsider - Meet Florence Le Pecq Vicentini, CCO of Neterium

#BehindTheInsider - Meet Florence Le Pecq Vicentini, CCO of Neterium

To spotlight the best insights of Neterium’s excellence, we ask a few questions to the inspiring crew behind it.

Today, we spoke with Florence Le Pecq Vicentini, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Neterium

Florence joined Neterium in 2020 as Chief Commercial Officer to support its mission to reinvent financial crime prevention, after holding senior leadership roles in Europe, Asia and the United States, with a particular focus on sanctions, anti-terrorist financing and KYC.

We asked Florence:

  • What are the critical skills you need as the CCO of an innovative RegTech?
  • What are the key elements of concluding a successful partnership?
  • And how her international experience is helping her conducting high-level negotiations with people of very different cultures?

"A good salesperson is not just someone who fills in order forms; it is the one who is the best ambassador for the company, who promotes the team as a whole. I am close to all teams inside Neterium, and pay attention to people (and not only when I need something from them)."

"(These) partnerships highlight the quintessence of Neterium's business strategy. We are responding to a strong market demand, allowing platforms a faster go-to-market."

Discover the full interview And meet Florence and the Neterium Team on October 10 to 13 at SIBOS 2022 at booth PB3 in the Discover Zone.

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