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#BehindTheInsider - Meet Luc Meurant, CEO of Neterium

#BehindTheInsider - Meet Luc Meurant, CEO of Neterium

To spotlight the best insights of #Neterium’s excellence, we ask a few questions to the inspiring #crew behind it.

Today, we spoke with Luc Meurant for an #exclusive #interview.

Luc is the CEO of Neterium. He has 25 years of experience and a proven track record of #innovation and #community #leadership in the payments and #financialcrimecompliance areas, leading the development and global roll-out of many #awardwinning #technology #solutions

💡On Luc’s motto to build Neterium’s success:

“Always strive for #excellence. You do not take any pride nor get any energy for doing an average job or making an average contribution. On the other hand, you can rally the best #talents and achieve incredible things if your only aim is to excel at what you do and be driven by #impact. This also explains the extreme #focus approach we have at Neterium.”

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