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Intix and Neterium collaborate to streamline banks’ forensic investigations

Intix and Neterium collaborate to streamline banks’ forensic investigations

Intix and Neterium have decided to link up their respective technologies to help financial institutions accelerate forensic investigations.

Intix and Neterium have effectively interfaced their advanced technology solutions to provide a superior user experience to banks' compliance investigators. By using the Neterium API, Intix's granular and contextual data sets can be enriched with Neterium’s real-time sanction screening results.

In a first step, Intix xCOMPLY indexes all transaction and related master & compliance data from banks' internal systems to create a 360-degree view to Know Your Transaction (KYT). Using its powerful search engine, xCOMPLY delivers a complete historical transaction data set to Neterium's Jetflow API which screens transactions in real time.

The full screening results of the Neterium Jetflow API are then passed back to Intix in microseconds to enrich the transaction log and assist with forensics.The whole process can be operated by compliance investigators using Intix' xCOMPLY user interface which integrates Neterium Jetflow API seamlessly.

Join us for a demo at Sibos on Intix booth C15 or visit Neterium at booth PB3.

About Neterium

Neterium is a visionary API-native company that is reinventing financial crime prevention. Their innovative SaaS solutions combine the benefits of the latest technologies (e.g., Distributed Computing, Machine Learning) with in-depth financial crime compliance knowledge. The unique offer enables their partners and clients to build best in class solutions by quickly integrating the Netrium watchlist screening APIs.

About Intix

Intix is the leading data management company that serves global transaction banks around the world. Intix has developed the most comprehensive, one-stop-shop technology solution for financial institutions to develop a competitive advantage using transaction data. From finding the needle in the transaction haystack, to fixing the friction in the transaction flow, and knowing transactions as deeply as possible for compliance and audit, Intix helps financial institutions serve their clients better and streamline compliance operations.

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