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Sibos 22 Closing Day

Sibos 22 Closing Day

🚀 And that’s a wrap.

Yesterday was the closing day of Sibos 2022

It has been a great conference, with very strong momentum and full of partnerships announcements for Neterium, acknowledging months of hard work and commitment.

1️) Orange Bank teamed with SAS and Neterium to achieve real-time sanctions screening in the cloud.

2️) GSS selected Neterium as its exclusive watchlist screening technology partner for the development of their managed transaction screening service, endorsed by Swift

3️) Intix and Neterium announced a collaboration and linked up their respective technologies to help financial institutions accelerate forensic investigations.

When you try to innovate, a key issue you often face is inertia. And ti me if the is something key at SIBOS this year, it is you sense a strong momentum in the industry. Ready to change!

Luc Meurant, CEO of Neterium

💡And you, are you ready to change?

🎯Our collective ambition at #Neterium is to continue building and adding value for our customers to become the #global #market #leader in #sanction #screening #technology.

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