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Seven minutes to learn something new about FCC


06 - All you ever wanted to know about Data Privacy, AI and the Cloud

In this episode, which is all about data privacy, AI, and the cloud, we listen to a conversation between Neterium’s Chief Commercial Officer Florence Vicentini, and Raphael Dana.

Raphael is attorney at law based in Paris and has been practicing for over 15 years. He has been advising many companies around data privacy related questions and has numerous clients in the financial sector.

Florence and Raphael are discussing many of the hot topics in the data privacy debate. including scope and roles in the European GDPR regulation, the consequences of the cancellation of the US Privacy Shield, as well as the new cloud offerings trying to solve the data confidentiality, and data sovereignty issues.

But first, they start by reflecting on the apparent paradox of privacy in FCC, where we need data to perform KYC checks and enrich our AI models, but at the same time we must respect Data Privacy regulations.

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