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09 - APIs and the transformative potential of Cloud

In this episode, which is all about APIs and Cloud, we listen to a conversation between Pascal Aerens and Jeeva Moni.

Jeeva is an associate partner at EY in London and specialises in consulting for financial services and transformation of Financial Crime function using innovative technologies.

As digital transformation is reaching financial services, APIs became an essential part of the transition from legacy siloed solutions, to ecosystems of components, allowing banks to deliver products in an agile way. This was particularly visible when the pandemic forced banks to beef up their digital channels very quickly.

Pascal and Jeeva also discuss the future of Financial Crime Technology, and how financial services now understand why cloud adoption and APIs are critical to their capacity to adapt very quickly to changing conditions, as with the new sanctions programs imposed on Russia.

Jeeva often says that API stands for “Accelerated Path to Innovation”, and we’ll see how that is true, more than ever.

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