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Episode 4 : Geolocation

Episode 4 : Geolocation
b6c2ced1-f538-4827-906b-5d44001cf49e.pngEpisode 4 : Geolocation

šŸ‘‹ Join us for the upcoming fourth episode of Neterium Talks on September 7th, where we'll be delving into the fascinating topic of Geolocation.

šŸš€ Efficiency is paramount in watchlist screening, and Neterium's exclusive Geolocation features take it to the next level. Our solution combines Machine Learning with rules and Geolocation to drastically reduce false positives, ensuring that alerts are only triggered when they warrant investigation.

Fewer alerts translate to better quality, lower costs, and a seamless operational process. Say goodbye to friction and interruptions in your compliance workflow!

šŸ“… Save the Date: šŸ—“ļø Thursday, September 7th ā° 4:00 PM CET

Pascal Aerens, our Head of Products at Neterium, will guide you on this deep dive into our unique Geolocation features.

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