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Episode 1: Objective Zero Footprint

Episode 1: Objective Zero Footprint
3dc4779b-9fb0-4e80-9d12-5b8175b8b6c5.pngEpisode 1: Objective Zero Footprint

In 25 minutes, we offer an overview of all the FCC's hot topics in a jiffy, followed by a focus on an in-depth subject and an open Q&A for exchange and discussion.

  1. First topic for this first episode: Objective Zero Footprint: a conversation between Pascal Aerens, Chief Product Officer at Neterium and Christopher Stringham, Global Account Manager at Neterium.
  2. The Pitch: Neterium's solutions do not ever store personally identifiable information provided for screening. This guarantees that when users utilise Neterium's APIs, their customers' private information remains secure. A critical consideration, particularly in regions where stringent privacy regulations like GDPR are enforced.

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